Dubai has become the world leader due to money spent by the tourists


In 2017, 15.8 millions of tourists have visited Dubai and, eventually, have spent a record sum of 29.7 billion US $ in the Emirates. The information is provided in the investigation of the international payment system Mastercard by Global Destination Cities Index.

Dubai has become the 4th city in the world according to attendance by the tourists, every of which spent on the average 537$ per day. This indicator makes the city a leader of the spending rate. Even in Paris tourists daily spend approximately only 301$, in Singapore – 286$. Other cities from this top ten of the most visited ones have average expenditures below 200$ a day.

One of the most visited cities in the world, Istanbul, has recorded the lowest daily expenses that average 108$. According to the touristic flow volume, the first place was taken by Bangkok with 20.04 millions of tourists, which have left 16.36 billion $ in the country. Afterwards follow London (19.83 millions of tourists, income – 17.45 billion $) and Paris (17.44 million of visitors). Dubai occupies the 4th place, then follow Singapore (19.91 millions of tourists, income – 17.02 billion $), New-York (13.13 millions of tourists), Kuala Lumpur (12.58 million of tourists), Tokyo (11.93 millions of tourists), and Istanbul (10.7 millions of tourists). Seoul rounds up the top ten with the indicator of 9.54 millions of visitors.
The Mastercard rate encompasses 162 cities of the world and is based on the volumes of the touristic flow and the touristic expenditures at one or another city in a particular year.