The new advertising trick for the Malaysian tourists’ attraction


It is not a secret for anyone that at the moment active work is conducted in Uzbekistan on the increase of the tourists flow into our country. The embassy of our republic in Malaysia also undertakes all possible measures on these goals’ achievement. Thus, the recent advertising trick was the placement of a logo “Uzbekistan – symbol of the magic East” on the automobiles of the foreign institution, where also the e-mail addresses of the touristic portal of Uzbekistan and of the Uzbek embassy are printed.
According to the opinion of the vice-president of The Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA) Akil Yusof, this interesting advertising trick will allow arousing interest towards Uzbekistan not only among the citizens of Malaysia, but the millions of foreign tourists, which visit Kuala Lumpur. The tourists joyfully make photos near these cars; they are given handouts with information about the rich historical, cultural and architectural heritage of our Republic. Moreover, they ask about the prices on the airline tickets, the tours and the travel agencies of Uzbekistan.