Home stay: plunge into life is also part of the journey


Many people know the comic phrase Do not confuse tourism with emigration. Usually they want to say that in a few days of living in hotels with All Inclusive, which differ little in different countries, it is very difficult to feel the nature and atmosphere of the place you are traveling on. The concept of home stay means that tourists do not live in hotels that are detached from everyday life, but in the homes of local residents and so they have the opportunity to imbue with the unique rhythm of the life of the region.
Home stay is already widely practiced in countries such as Japan, India, Nepal, Malta. Previously, it was mainly students who resorted to it, but now this view is becoming increasingly popular due to many advantages.
The owners of such houses often themselves are pleased guests: for example, in Japan they often ask tenants to give them a few lessons of a foreign language. For ethnotourism, this way of housing is simply ideal: you observe life from the inside, and not in museum showcases.
In many countries, home stay is already developed so much that the host family host families is carefully checked and contracts with special firms are concluded. The most suitable family can be found online. This is a fairly common practice in England and the United States the experience of these countries is based on thousands of students coming to them every year.
The construction of hotels would not only create a huge burden on the budget, but would also violate the unique picture of local life. In part, it is the silence and authenticity of the atmosphere in this village that makes it so attractive for tourists.
In this area it is quite possible to develop several types of tourism: mountaineering, trekking (the beauty of mountain ranges in the Kashkadarya region is known to many people) rafting (local rivers, clean and powerful, have not been conquered by anyone), ecotourism and ethnotourism a great opportunity to touch history our people.
At the moment, the chairman of the State Committee for Tourism Development, Aziz Abdukhakimov, has already visited Gilan with an expert group. He appreciated the quality of transport interchanges and stressed that it is necessary to build more catering establishments for tourists on the way to the village.


The hosts of these houses received an invitation to special trainings in Shakhrisabz, which should help them to get used to a new role. However, hospitality peculiar to our people should make this task very simple.
The village of Gilan is large enough it has more than five thousand people. In addition, its location is unique. The climate in those places is very mild, and the wonderful nature of the highlands and the huge number of trekking routes give every reason to hope that Gilan will attract a very large number of tourists who prefer active recreation in nature.

Text: Arhelia Shmakova
Photo: Ekaterina Semerjidi