Khasyp – an extraordinary taste of a homemade sausage


The Uzbek cuisine is incredibly many-sided. Each dish gains some magic taste power and unusual festivity. Mostly, it is connected to the hospitability and kindness of the Uzbek people. Putting their heart and soul into the preparation process Uzbeks can turn each dish into a true masterpiece of the cookery art. The homemade sausages can be seen in the receipts in many world cuisines, and each of them has its own incredible taste. In this article we will say what the difference of the Uzbek khasyp from all these foreign analogues is and where it can be tasted.
Khasyp is the general name for the multiple types of the homemade sausages in Uzbekistan. All the Central Asian folks that from the ancient times have been practicing cattle-breeding have them in their national cuisine. The most popular and loved by everyone sausage is khasyp made of byproducts and rice. It can be prepared on the steam; however, more often it is served being boiled, because such preparation method allows getting delicious and high-calorie broth. There can be used as mutton, so beef intestine, meat and byproducts and their mixture, too. In Uzbekistan bazaars in the rows of meat stalls special sets for khasyp preparation are sold. They include already washed guts, pieces of liver, lung, heart, kidney and spleen. Alongside buyer for khasyp should separately select meat (flesh) and fat of a sheeps tail.
Khasyp components can be varied; some can be included or excluded. Very few holidays in Uzbekistan are celebrated without this dish. The homemade sausage receipt is rather laborious and requires a lot of time.
Firstly, finely cut pieces of liver, meat, sheeps tail fat and onion are put together with well washed rice, spices, small amount of water, and all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed.
Then a gut’s one end is bound by a durable thread and the got space is stuffed by the filling. This process is considered to be the most difficult. For the sausages’ stuffing both a mincing machine having a special nozzle and a simple funnel can be used. By the end of the stuffing process the upper side of the gut is also bound, thus, gaining a sausage form, which circle-round is put into a deep dish.
Then some punctures are made in the sausage, the dish is half-filled with water and put into previously heated-up oven or stove. During the preparation process khasyp firstly becomes boiled and then slightly fried. Such type of sausage can also be prepared just boiled. In this case it should be pinched in several places and boiled in small heat during 50-60 minutes. After the preparation the sausage should lie for a while and get cold. It is served cold, cut into small slices and strewn by onion. As well this dish can be served hot together with broth and garnish of boiled chick-pea.
If you come to Uzbekistan, it would be enough for you to visit any local bazaar to choose khasyp, which is sold in big vats. Or you can go to a café of the national cuisine.
In looks khasyp resembles a liver sausage, but they have almost nothing in common in their taste. Rice, impregnated with juicy meat, byproducts, which in this type of saturated assortment have gained a unique taste, and, certainly, the peculiar smell – all these will never leave you indifferent.
Foto: Max Rewinski